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Facing a misdemeanor drug crime charge is a terrifying and stressful ordeal. Typically, the only time a drug crime will be charged as a misdemeanor is when the alleged offender is in possession of a Schedule V drug or 20 grams or less of cannabis.

And while misdemeanors do not carry the potential for such severe outcomes as felonies — it’s critical to have a skilled drug crimes lawyer on your team to prevent the worst aspects of a conviction.

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What Are The Consequences Of A Misdemeanor Drug Charge In Florida?

While these crimes come with consequences that are far less severe than felony offenses, misdemeanors have their own set of serious consequences. Along with facing the possibility of up to a year in jail and $1,00 in fines, a misdemeanor drug crime can stay on your record forever and impact your ability to find housing, employment, education, and more.

While the repercussions of a conviction can stack up, a lawyer with experience can use many different strategies to mitigate the worst outcomes at sentencing and save you from unnecessary hardship.

We’ll Build A Defense Strategy Tailored Specifically For You

For Florida prosecutors to find a conviction on your charges, they have what is referred to as a “burden of proof”. The burden of proof is the responsibility to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you are responsible for the accusations levied against you. This includes showing that:

  • You knew that the substance in question was a controlled narcotic.
  • That the substance was, in fact, a prohibited drug.
  • That you were in actual control of the substance in question.

The majority of our work as your drug crimes defense attorney will be centered around finding flaws in the prosecution’s case to prove these key points. To do this, we will comb through all the available evidence to see if it confirms the allegations against you and ensure that law enforcement officers obtained each piece of evidence lawfully.

If our investigation shows that any part of the evidence being used against you was gathered in a way that violates your constitutional rights, we can work to have that evidence dismissed. This can present major roadblocks for the prosecution that we can use as leverage to have your charges dramatically reduced.

Do I Need A Lawyer For A Misdemeanor Drug Charge If I Plan To Plead Guilty?

Some people feel that there is no point in hiring an attorney when it seems that the only reasonable move is to plead guilty to their charges. Unfortunately, this is not true. One of the main roles of a drug crimes lawyer is to help the accused mitigate the worst consequences of a conviction at sentencing.

If you’re facing drug charges, a defense attorney can make the difference between walking away with a reduced sentence or facing the full weight of the law. A lawyer can help you plead down your charges, explain to the court why you should be considered for less harsh sentencing, and more.

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