The Klein Practice PLLC

Client Testimonials

“Truly recommend Mr. Klein to anyone who wants an attorney that will be there for you 24/7 and get the results that will change your life forever.”Dustin K.

“Had a very good experience with Mr. Klein, he definitely came through for me and I thank him for what he did. I highly recommend him.”Craig A.

“Attorney Klein has demonstrated his expertise and great abilities through representing my family through a family law modification in Orange County. He not only met adversity with truth and understanding, he also showed great talent through his ability to communicate effectively through every challenge the opposing counsel presented. He carried himself in the courtroom through integrity and professionalism.”

Tessa T.

“Thanks for your help and support.”Stephanie G.

“Mr. Klein took my daughter’s case after many rejected and declined to take it. Mr. Klein was patient when other lawyers we dealt with were not. His wisdom and his delivery when explaining things were exceptional. My daughter won in every possible way by having Mr. Klein as her lawyer. I truly believe he was God-sent because I don’t believe we could have come out on top any other way. I am truly praying God to bless him, his family, and his practice.”A Satisfied Client

“After talking about my situation with a mutual friend, she referred me to Mr. Klein. She stated that he was very good and worth looking into. She could have never been more right about Mr. Klein. From the first conversation with him explaining the mess I had before me, he was helpful, informative, patient, intelligent, caring and very calming. Then, while my life was entangled with more domestic issues with my ex that kept coming up, he was able to be very helpful and professional while being sensitive to my situation at hand. I honestly am at a loss of words, I just can’t say enough good things about him. If you need an attorney, this is the one I would go with. And when I had a horrible situation in front of me, he turned a very bad situation I was facing into a blessing as to having him by my side. I just wish that I had found him before my original attorney was hired for my divorce. If I ever need an attorney for anything else, I will call him first. And anyone I know that needs an attorney – He is the one I would tell you to call.”Lisa S.

“John Klein goes above and beyond his job description, he takes the time to develop a relationship with his client’s build’s trust by returning phone calls promptly, keeping his clients in the loop of things, and visiting frequently during one incarceration. In my opinion, this is more than just a job for John I put my money up that I was by far his most difficult client my spoiled brat attitude and pride was not easy to deal with and if the shoe was on the other foot I would have quit lol he stuck by my side represented me on another matter as well and charged me a small fee for a big gain. His dedication and commitment to me broke down some of my barriers. John spoke to me engaged me in conversation but also listened to make me feel like a person and not just a criminal. I was pleased with the outcome of my case but wasn’t happy with my court costs in the long run after I sat reflected and decided it was the best outcome because my case could have played out differently and the outcome could have been worse. John made it so that I have no paper I’m a free woman and I get to go back to Massachusetts and see my children and granddaughter what better time my birthday is tomorrow August 18th couldn’t have happened at a better time and I have him to thank for the best 40th birthday present anyone could ever wish or ask for. Thank you very much John Klein for everything and thanks again for giving me my life back!”Jessica

“I am pleased to highly recommend John Klein as an outstanding attorney. John was an absolute professional with prompt communication, in-depth knowledge of the system, affordable rates and true compassion for our case. It was a pleasure to hire him, and he had our full confidence from the start. John was very easy to work with and pushed hard to win our case. Thank you John for being there in our time of need and thank you for your help with our case. If the need arises again for an attorney, John is far and away our first choice!”Leonard

“it is my Privilege to recommend John Klein an excellent lawyer who has relocated to your area definitely a loss for Broward County. Not only is he an amazing lawyer but an amazing person he always goes above and beyond for his clients. He represented me several times between 2008-2010 still to this day we remain in contact and I can depend on him for any legal advice. I Highly recommend John Klein. Should you choose him to represent you, I believe his work would, not only meet but exceed your expectations.”Bonnie E

“Attorney Klein goes above and beyond any expectations that I had of utilizing a public defender in my case. He always returns phone calls promptly and explains what is going on extremely thoroughly. When he goes into private practice one day he will be fabulous.”Andrea