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A DUI is a significant blemish on your criminal or driving record. You could face loss of driving privileges, hefty fines, or jail time. Additionally, you may be billed higher on auto insurance payments or risk losing coverage. If convicted at the end of your DUI case, it will remain on your record permanently, which could severely affect your future. A DUI conviction might put your professional life at risk. It may prevent you from obtaining a specific employment position you desire, such as many public sector jobs. However, facing a DUI charge does not automatically imply a conviction. In your unique DUI situation, there may be several potential defenses to defend your future. Our expert DUI Lawyer and the support staff at the Klein Practice PLLC are here to investigate any possible protections your unique circumstances might offer.

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The DUI defense attorney at The Klein Practice PLLC is aware of all pertinent deadlines and understands that your future is at stake. They will resolve with urgency and ensure that your legal rights are safeguarded during each hearing.

At The Klein Practice PLLC, we are also highly familiar with potential defense for DUI charges. There are various patterns that an experienced attorney tends to pick up after spending years investigating DUI cases. Thus, we are aware of the many ways your DUI charge may be reduced or diminished. This is especially true if you require a first-offense DUI attorney, as you have done everything right as a driver thus far and certainly deserve an opportunity to defend yourself.

How Can I Dispute My DUI Charge With An Attorney?

When considering how to challenge a typical Florida DUI charge, a few basic questions are essential to review. First, how did the law enforcement involved conduct the arrest, search, or administration of a breathalyzer or field sobriety test? For example, did the officer who stopped the driver behave appropriately? Or did the officer even have a justification for pulling the driver over? Challenging the legitimacy of a traffic stop itself may be a valid defense for certain circumstances.

There are many unique angles to DUI defense that each depends on specific circumstances. For instance, in addition to the examples mentioned above, the arresting officer’s past conduct may also be scrutinized and used as evidence against the DUI charge. However, only a DUI defense attorney who knows the law can effectively leverage the nuances of DUI defense in this way. If you are standing in court unrepresented, making a concrete case against an officer’s prior conduct will seem like a stretch of the imagination to any judge, without an experienced legal disputant by your side. That’s why it’s an essential first step to contact The Klein Practice PLLC and schedule a free consultation. Our firm will do the investigative labor and use our skills as a legal defense firm to diminish or reduce your charge.

If You Are Facing A DUI Charge, We Are Here For You

Perhaps you may have had a momentary lapse in judgment. Regardless, our team strongly believes in giving people another chance. In Florida, the potential penalties for a first-offense DUI include license suspension, vehicle impoundment, jail time, fines, and other possibilities. If you face a first-offense DUI charge and require a first conviction DUI attorney, the team at The Klein Practice PLLC is prepared to defend your future. If this is not your first DUI, but you are seeking to minimize the impact of an additional offense, our office is also prepared to consult you throughout your trial.

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