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If you’ve been charged with a drug offense, you’re likely to be feeling an incredible amount of stress. Felony drug crimes can come with severe penalties and lifelong consequences. And while it’s true that you are innocent until proven guilty, it’s often hard to tell by the way that alleged offenders are treated within the legal system.

The Klein Practice, PLLC has helped countless clients to find legal representation that goes beyond their expectations. With our commitment to professional excellence and thoughtful strategy building, you can be confident that an attorney from our firm will provide you with the best outcome available for your case.

What Drug Offenses Are Charged As A Felony In Florida?

The possession of controlled substances is often considered a felony in the state of Florida. The most common felony charges deal with the possession of (or possession with the intent to distribute): cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, opioids, and ecstasy. Although, many other types of narcotics can provide the basis for a felony drug charge.

Defend Against The Worst Outcomes & Fight For The Best

There are a number of different strategies that your felony drug offense lawyer may utilize, depending on the facts of your case. While any of these defenses may be useful for one person, they may prove useless for another. That’s why it’s so critical to have an attorney who is skilled in tailoring a strategy to your unique situation.

Your case may feature key weaknesses that can be used to dismiss evidence, reduce your charges, and mitigate the worst outcomes. Some of the legal and factual issues we look for may include:

Legal Issues

  • Lack of probable cause for search/arrest.
  • Improper execution of a search warrant.
  • Unlawful procedure used by law enforcement.

Factual Issues

  • Equal Access Defense
  • No Knowledge Defense
  • Lack of Intent Defense
  • And more…

You could face your drug offense charge on your own, but with so much at stake the

What Is The Difference Between Felony Possession vs. Trafficking In Florida?

Possession: Is charged when a person is found with a scheduled narcotic in an amount that appears to be only for personal use.

The consequences of a conviction for possession will vary greatly, depending on your criminal history and the circumstances of your unique situation. Working with a drug possession attorney is the only way to avoid facing the worst aspects of a conviction.

Trafficking: Is charged when a person is found with a scheduled narcotic in an amount that appears to be for sale; a narcotic that appears to be packaged for sale; or when a person is found in the act of distributing a scheduled narcotic.

Because this is such a serious offense, it’s essential to have a drug trafficking lawyer on your side to mitigate the severe consequences of a conviction.

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